October 1, 2009

Sleeping In, Again


I officially suck at waking up on time.

I noticed a slow slide downhill over the summer... A few more late nights, sleeping in a few minutes extra each day... But now? Colossal fail on all fronts.

This is what my morning is supposed to look like:

Wake up with alarm
Take a shower
Get dressed
Take Morty out for a walk
Feed Morty
Put Morty back in bed with BH
Eat leisurely breakfast
Make a lunch
Walk to work

This is what it looks like at the moment:

Wake up 45 minutes after my alarm has gone off
Take a panicked shower, or if there's no time, throw on clothes and hope they match
Eat panicked breakfast
Decide to buy lunch
Apologize to sleepy BH because I can't take Morty out
Run out the door
Either speed-walk to work, or cave and take a bus

THIS SUCKS SO BADLY. I need to turn this around before I stop getting dressed entirely. I'm a bit of a slob at work anyhow, but I can't imagine the reception I'd get if I showed up in yellow pj pants and a torn Canadian Federation of Students shirt.

Anyway. Moving on.

Tonight I have a gig!

I think it will be very fun, mostly because I like the title: Rocking with Feminists. I don't "rock" as much anymore, having ditched the drum kit, but I'm certainly a feminist. It's at the University of Ottawa in a bar called 1848. Has anyone been there? I'm not super familiar with U of O as it is... I hope I don't get lost. Brian and I had a very speedy rehearsal for it last night. We also laid down some vocal tracks for his new album. I'm so excited for him. His songs sound AMAZING.

Actually, watching him record his album at home with his own gear has got me thinking. If I don't get any grants for a new album, I may just record the thing myself. With help from my friends who know what they are doing, obvs. At least I've worked in radio and studios long enough to have a vague idea of what buttons to press. I could bring the tracks to my old producer for finessing.

I'm also thinking about a total (music) web site makeover. New press photos, whole new design, and hopefully an eventual new album. I'll chip away at my ideas bit by bit until things come together.

Until then? I'll just try to wake up on time.

PS, Thanks for the Morty love on the video. I don't know why my floors look that clean. Maybe because Morty throws himself on them dramatically to protest the singing...


Milan said...

Early mornings have never been a strength of mine. Thankfully, most of my bosses have felt similarly and run groups where nothing much happens before ten (though 90% of everything happens after 3pm).

Hannah said...

Who can wake up and be organized most mornings? It's practically impossible!
Good luck on the feminist show! It sounds kick ass!:)

Shawna said...

Remember that first record Martina made, where it was just her in her kitchen, recorded in two days or something? That record was GOOD.

It can be done, it can be done...

You awake? I'm awake. *poke*