October 19, 2009

The Breakdown


Well folks, here it is. Some of my highlights from the OCFF conference.

My favourite band of the night, The Gertrudes! There are several banjos in there, and I counted four accordions at one point. Amazing. Wonderful. And packed into a tiny hotel room. At one point I heard someone say, "Now I know what a salmon feels like."

The charming Peter Katz, singing with Emma-Lee. Right after this song finished I tried to clap while also holding a styrofoam cup full of wine. Looking smooth FAIL. Lucky for me, nobody noticed the mess, and my dress was purple anyway. Wardrobe WIN.

Annabelle Chvostek, being awesome.

Trevor Alguire with my buddy Thom. I stand at about Trevor's hip height, but we still manage to chat just fine.

Trevor singing his lovely songs.

Karyn Ellis! I love her. She's coming to Raw Sugar in November, people! Let's go!

Another huge highlight for me.... The United Steelworkers of Montreal. Totally nuts... Just the way I like 'em.

The crowd at Sultans of String.

A blurry Tara Holloway. She's got a voice like a tiger! Amazing!

The wonderful Craig Cardiff. He did a very clever version of a Dan Bern song where he inserted the line, "There's a new Walmart in town, and it's pretty much the greatest thing." I laughed because, y'know... He's a funny dude.

C'est tout, babies. It is now 7pm and I'm going to bed. Time to catch up on some sleep.


Jessica said...

I love Tara Holloway. Anytime I'm in need of a mental trip back to Ottawa, I put her on. We used to go see her every week at the Georgetown back in the day. Ahhh memories.

karen said...

I think I went to high school with Trevor Alguire.....had no idea what he was up to until now!

Hannah said...

Great pictures. Now I have even more musicians to look up and listen to! :)

XUP said...

I just found out someone I went to school with is in a band called Fuzzy Recollections and they're at the Elmdale tonight! So many talented people.

Stella said...

Jessica: How cool... I've been listening to her stuff since the conference and I'm addicted.

Karen: Funny! He's writing great songs.... You should check out his latest album!

Hannah: You would especially enjoy the craziness of the Steelworkers, altough I don't know how they sound on their albums.

XUP: I've heard of them!