October 23, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

Today I passed the War Museum and saw the folks on strike doing the dance from Thriller. It made me want to hug them all. Here's hoping for a resolution in their favour, sooner rather than later. It's getting cold out there.

I've been having some pretty bad hip pain lately, so I decided to get some new orthodics in case my crappy feet are aggravating things. I saw a new chiropodist, and dude, was she ever neat. She told me that the orthodics I've been using for the last couple of years are not really right for my feet, which made me see red for a minute or two. I know people make mistakes, but my experience getting my last pair of orthodics was so stupid that I'm even more annoyed with the defective final product (especially considering the sheer cost of the things, and the fact that due to an insurance blip, I wasn't covered).

At any rate. I'll have some new orthodics in December and we'll see if the throbbing pain goes away. Here's hoping.

My gig at the Elmdale is in a week, and I have neglected to do any real promotion. Today's task will be to make a Facebook event and maybe send out a little e-mail about the show. If the plan is to slow down gigging this winter, I'd better make my current gigs especially fun.

It looks like my BH won't have final exams in April. You know what that means? We might be able to make it to Japan during the cherry blossom season after all!!! I'm collecting airline sites like crazy to figure out what the damage will be. Please send along your fave cheapo travel pages if you've got them!


XUP said...

Flight Centre - they'll match anything you can find PLUS do you an additional discount...it might only be 5%, but still.

Marie-Adèle said...

I don't have any travel sites to recommend, but YAY! It will be so cool to have you here when we can go out and get drunk in the park! :D

Ahem. I meant, it will be cool to have you here when we can go out and admire the lovely flowers. Yes.

Make it a 2-week trip around the first week/second week of April (try to get to straddle 2 whole weekends if you can!) and you should be good, unless spring comes stupidly early or late. Or if you want to stay longer, no problem! ^_^

Julie said...

Hi Stella. I heard through XUP that you mentioned the striking workers.

I am one of the 400 employees that have been on the picket line for 34 days (and counting). Thank you very much for your kind words. It's much appreciated, knowing there are people out there that support us, especially on cold and rainy days.

All the best.


Stella said...

XUP: Great! Thanks!

M-A: That's when we'd be coming, if everything works out!

Julie: Good luck... I'll be thinking of you guys!