Hoooo boy, do I ever get sentimental watching Before Sunrise. Holy mother.

That and Lost in Translation are the films I used to watch obsessively with The Colombian - they were pretty much the only two films we agreed on. Otherwise, he liked movies about war, and I liked foreign comedies. It's really a wonder we became such close friends when we spent most of our time arguing and angrily waving history textbooks around to make our respective points.


I still get all nostalgic every time I watch either of those films. Then, without fail, I fire him off a quick e-mail that says something to the extent of, "COULD YOU PLEASE MOVE BACK HOME NOW?? You've been away forever."

Just one of the perks you get when people move away, I guess. Nostalgic drivel.

Wow! This post sounds like such a downer. What I really came here to say is that I'm tickled pink. I've finished another song! I kept humming the little ditty I made up for the Morty video, so now it's totally rewritten, transposed, slapped onto a guitar, and singable. I'm so excited. After struggling with writer's block for so long, years really, every song feels like a huge victory.

It's called Stuck in Lowertown. I actually adore Ottawa's Lowertown neighbourhood, so I don't particularly understand why I chose that title, but hey. The words stuck. I liked them. That's reason enough.

So. Any sentimental movies you'd like to share so I don't feel like such a shmuck?


Hannah said...

I am very sentimental as well! Two big movies for me are the "Princess Bride" and "Three Amigos". Those movies have so many happy memories attached to them!:)

karen said...

love, actually.
rent it every christmas :)

Stella said...

Ah yes. Good choices!