First thing's first: it was hailing today. I was in the Glebe running errands, and then ice pellets fell from the sky. ICE PELLETS! Did any of you see it? I even have photographic evidence!

I was so surprised that I barely got my camera out in time.

How is your Thanksgiving weekend going, Canadian folks? Mine is going swimmingly. Last night, we had dinner with my parents, my Bubbi and my Uncle Keven (biologically not an uncle, but family nonetheless). We perused my mom's Joy of Cooking from 1973, which included recipies and instructions for cooking squirrel, beaver, woodchuck, peccary and wild boar. Please note the nasty pictures on how to skin all these animals.

Amazing, and maybe a little bit creepy.
Morty parked his fine ass right next to my Bubbi, because she is the only family member who feeds him at the table. He is her great-grandog, after all.
Note his affection:

Oh, Morty. You are shameless.

My parents backyard was beautiful, especially their crabapple tree.

Morty was excited to play in a backyard, since we don't have one at the apartment. He licked some grass to show his approval. He's pretty much hilarious no matter what he does.

We admired the apples.

Morty devoured a stick.

And chased my BH around (can't say I blame him).

Morty eventually found an apple of his very own. We advised everyone to let him have it. He had that look in his eye...
"Don't touch my apple, bitches."

Oh! Morty's bum! How did that get in there?

Wishing y'all a happy Thanksgiving!


Nat said...

Saw the hail, had too much wine... and expect tomorrow to hurt...

I'd feed Morty too but only when you aren't looking.

Shawna said...

Oooohhh...that "bootstomp on the rodent, then yank it inside out with rubber gloves" diagram is particularly disturbing...

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. We had a decent one as well.:)

I love that crabapple picture btw.:)

P.S. Why would anyone eat a squirrel? :P

Anonymous said...

I DID see the hail! AND I have that exact copy of the Joy of Cooking. It's the best. Joy of Cooking has always been my standard wedding gift (unless I know the people really, really well and know a specific item they're expecting from me).