October 26, 2009

A Busy One

This weekend was a busy one. List after list of errands to run, a night of sexy readings and music at Venus Envy, a whole lot of people on the Hill for a climate change rally, and lots of Bones.

A great weekend, actually. My mood was a bit volatile for parts of it, but I am managing it better now. I'm going to try shutting down instead of erupting. I'm really more of an erupter, but this time I'd just rather be quiet. Jury's out on how that will work.

I'm amazed, and a little scared, that October is drawing to a close. It's okay; it's been a good month, but man, did it ever fly.

While I realize that Halloween hasn't even arrived yet, I've got a confession: I'm planning for Christmas / Hannukah. In fact, I've got over half my gifts bought. NO, REALLY.

Here's my thinking: As this year progresses, I will become more and more broke. I'd rather stockpile Christmas gifts now and leave December for family, friends and baking. I'm not over-spending on anyone, but I am trying to pick things that are thoughtful and unique. We'll see if I manage it.

Meanwhile, my BH and I are going to a concert tonight that promises to kick so much ass, I can't even explain it. I'm a little behind on the concert scene lately, so I only found out about the show a few days ago. I read the lineup, got out my credit card, and bought the tickets within three minutes.

Oh yeah, baby.


Hannah said...

How was "Fill the Hill?" I was going to go but ended up going to a bazaar instead.
Kudos on starting your holiday shopping early, I'm hoping to start mine soon too.

Holiday shopping in December=HELL

Lynn said...

I'm with Hannnah -- another great reason to shop now for Christmas is so you can actually sit back and enjoy December. It'll be more about the parties, the food, the family, and the snuggles by the fire than about battling the mall. It's worth it!

Stella said...

Hannah: It was great, although I arrived pretty late because I was running around all morning. Lots of people though!

Lynn: That's what I'm hoping for!