October 25, 2009

True Story


I was walking Morty this morning, and we stopped to chat with a man who lives around the corner from me. He seemed to really like Morty.

Him: Isn't he lovely!
Me: Yes indeed.
Him: What a sweet face.
Me: I agree!
Him: Did he take on your personality traits? They say that happens you know.
Me: Well, we are both pretty stubborn.... And I'm sure we've got some other similarities too!
(we both laugh)
(at this point, Morty jumps up at the guy, and shoves his face in the man's crotch)
Him: Ummmmmmm.
Me: Uhhhhhhhh... I swear I have no idea where he learned that.
I started the weekend off in a terrible mood, but I feel great this morning. The weather is amazing! My BH and I rented some of the fourth season of Bones, so we've got a fun day ahead of us. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
To those of you not on my Facebook.... Come on out to the Elmdale this Thursday to see my cousin and I play some tunes!


La Canadienne said...

I bet Morty also "didn't" learn to hump legs from you either...

Stella said...

I didn't realize he'd pick up on that one so quickly.... ;)