November 23, 2008

Stay Sexy

I was hoping to update this blog a little more frequently than I have this month, but having a virus take over your computer really effs things up. You know how long it took this baby to power up just now? About half an hour.

Other than my sickly laptop, it's been one heckuva weekend. I had a lovely brunch that XUP describes better than I can. You bloggy folk may think I chat a lot about my puppy here, but it's a whole other ball game in person. As in, I do not shut up about him. And I speak with gestures, no matter how obscene. You're welcome.

My mom and I had a great day baking Christmas goodies, which isn't something we've ever made a habit of doing. I think that should change. We made toffee (actual honest to goodness toffee! It took 15 minutes!), white and dark chocolate almond bark, and key lime cookies all from the latest Martha mag. I am scared that I'll eat all the sweets before I can gift them, they are that good.

I also discovered that the aching pain I've had in my mouth for the past two weeks is a giant out-of-control infection. When I mentioned this to my mom, she said she was surprised that I let it go as long as I have. In explaining myself to her, I realized that I tend to let dull pains take care of themselves, often to my own demise. Sharp pains? I deal with ASAP. But a low, throbbing pain in the back of my mouth? Aw hell, I'll just let that get worse until I have trouble swallowing and my face starts to look puffy.

There's a fun show happening at the Manx tonight, so I think I'll head down there as soon as I gargle again with salt water and wince at the pain I pretty much caused myself. It's going to be an experience, I'll say that much. Salt on the wound.

This virus-bound computer is getting taken in on Tuesday for a little TLC, so hopefully I'll be able to write a little more frequently come December.

Stay sexy, folks!


Anonymous said...

If the infection is in the gum try brushing with a paste made from baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Work the brush gently up into the gum so you get the paste between the gum and the tooth.

I'm glad the brunch went so well. It seems like it could turn into something kind of official.

Stella said...

Will do Gabriel. It's in the gum and it's a nasty piece of work, if I do say so myself. If things don't get better within a day or two, I will have to bite the bullet and get some drugs - but that's the last option.

Anonymous said...

...just for the record I didn't get the recipe from The Anarchists Cookbook, it comes directly from my dentist and she has several certificates on her wall.

Don't wait too long, I lost a tooth two years ago because I had an infection and waited over a month.