November 27, 2008

Remembering Mumbai


I was having a grand old time yesterday until I noticed "breaking news" pop up on my TV screen.

There were coordinated attacks in Mumbai. Where my BH grew up, where his family still lives, and where we spent a month of our time a year and a half ago. Concern.

"The attacks began at the Leopold Cafe.."

Huh. I've been there.

"Then at the main train station..."

Been there.

"A popular and central cinema..."

Went there. Saw Spiderman.

"And the Taj hotel in Oberoi."

Spent a fair amount of time there.

"It is so far unclear who the targets are."

Well, judging by the locations, rich people and tourists.

All the family is safe and accounted for, thank you to those of you who wrote to check in. The whole situation is out of control and sickening, and seeing Leopold's covered in blood is not something I will remember fondly. I'll be watching things unfold throughout the day, since there are still hostages in one of the targeted hotels and the Taj is on fire. As I suspected, the attackers apparently asked for passports to determine the nationality of their hostages... Last report I heard said they wanted US and British citizens. Still, many Indians died in the attacks and the death count is around 100 so far. My thoughts are with everyone in Mumbai and everyone affected by this disgusting display of violence.

Yup, nothing cheerful to say today.


Laura said...

I cannot believe it all. So sad. I am glad your family are safe. This is one crazy world.


xup said...

Ya, I was thinking of you guys and everyone else who has family over there and has to sit here anxiously waiting for news. HugsXXXoo