November 25, 2008

Help the Food Bank

So I think I've decided to take the "suck it" option with my Crazy Family Doctor.

In reading the comments, I realized that it's not the $40 fee that bugged me, it was more that I had to physically go get my files and explain why I wasn't going to stay on as a loyal patient. What is this, grade school? If I'm paying $40, they had damn well fax it to my new doctor or dip it in gold and mail it to me. And then buy me a cake.

Thanks for all your advice... If CFD asks why I'm telling her to suck it, I can be creepy and whisper "THE INTERNETS MADE ME DO IT."

And now, because I am mastering the art of TMI, I will happily report that my out-of-control mouth infection seems to be responding to the smack down I have imposed on it. I resorted to rubbing salt directly into the wound, which in turn made me double over in pain and whimper to myself. Poor Morty took one look at me crawling around on the kitchen floor, drooling, wailing and trailing salt, that he turned around and ran the fuck outta there.

But I am hurting less now and I can move my tongue again. It's going to be a good day.

I got another splinter this morning... This time it appeared to be metal with paint! Sweet Jesus, I have mad splinter skills.

The food bank has been on the news a lot lately, particularly the fact they are running dangerously low on canned goods this year. I visited the main branch of the Ottawa food bank during my third year of journalism school to do a story on students who use their services. I realized very quickly how much people need this organization, and how bad things get when they run low on food. I may re-jig my budget and make a grocery trip to buy them some canned food.

Maybe I should issue this invite to the blogging community at large... Is anyone interested in donating to the food bank? Either by way of a pantry clean-out or a grocery shopping, they could use the help. If you make the effort to donate, blog about it and I'll give you a virtual pat on the back. Or maybe even an in-person pat on the back at the next breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Peaches... bring canned peaches. Canned vegetables are good, and oatmeal in those individual packets is cheap and easy. But please don't, for the love of God, bring canned brown/baked beans.

Congratulations, by the way, on getting nominated for the Canadian Blog Awards (Best Personal Blog).

Bob said...

At BobCat House Concerts we always encourage people to bring a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank.

We've so far collected over 800 pounds of stuff!

Congrats indeed.

Nat said...

Right... add get good stuff for the food bank. ON the list.

The mouth things sounds nasty...

Stella said...

SL: Thanks for the Food Bank advice! And thanks even more for alerting me about the nomination... I totally didn't know. :P

Bob: I've heard so much about your house concerts! It's great to her that you collect Food Bank donations too.

Nat: Yes, nasty and buried in salt, as of five minutes ago.