November 5, 2008

One Of Those Weeks

Sigh of relief.

I was planning to write about how I totally freaked out Mae last night by gushing about her blog and, um, toys in a random pub while we were watching the election results trickle in. Except that I didn't really identify who I was. Like a psycho.

But she doesn't seem to be too scarred by the incident, so I'm pleased. I have a tendency to speak with my "inside voice" when I'm around new people and let's just say not everyone is down with that. My smiley demeanor has confused many people who made the mistake of talking to me. And then I'm like, "BALLS."

It's actually been one of those weeks where everything that comes out of my mouth sounds idiotic. It sucks. I try to say something constructive and instead I come off sounding like a douchebag. I should probably just stop talking until it's over.

As you can tell, this will not be a good year for NaBloPoMo. I had the best intentions, but this month is already trying to kill me and I will probably keep skipping the odd blogging day. I'll be frequent though, I can promise that much.

I'm still fantasizing about tattooing my arms and chopping off my hair. It has taken over my mind. Good thing I can't afford to give in.

Did y'all watch Obama's speech last night? Fucking YES. And you know what's crazy about all this? The new First Lady has heard my music and liked it.



Jessica said...

Michelle Obama has heard your music and liked it? Do tell!

Milan said...

I am also curious about how you know this.

Stella said...

I thought I told this story... Or maybe it was on the Old Blog.

My friend moved the US to help with the Obama campaign. During the winter months, he sent me a random Facebook message saying, "Michelle Obama likes your CD." Which was exciting and surprising. And I didn't really realize at the time that she was going to be, y'know, the First Lady. But anyways, I haven't actually *seen* my friend since this happened, so I haven't been able to grill him for details.

La Canadienne said...

Grill your friend for details so we can grill you!