November 28, 2008

Air - It's Free

Folks, I am calling in supports.

The salt and baking powder and peroxide have all been managing this infection, but it sure as fuck isn't gone. Now my throat on the infected side of my face is tender to the touch and I wince every time I swallow. I'm going to see my nurse practitioner today.

This is especially useful seeing as how I can check with her before I go tell off my Crazy Family Doctor.

Plus maybe I will also get some drugs for my mouth. I'm not a user of antibiotics - it's been many years since I've needed them. But I'll take them if they will help stop the hurting.


I'm trying to keep my mind off Mumbai by doing silly things. One of my BH's Christmas gifts came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited that I gave it to him within hours of unpacking it. Yeah, I know, but I didn't want to wait. It was a set of medical books published in the 20's - they cover such fascinating topics as personal hygiene, your heart and mental health. So great. He was thrilled and we spent some time reading through the chapter on how the first step to good personal hygiene is breathing air. Because it's free and without you die. It really said that. And then it explained the full process of suffocation if you happen to not be breathing air. Yup.

This weekend there are birthdays and dinners and quality time with my pup. My budget is going to suffer a bit in the next few weeks but we've cut down SO MUCH on our expenses that I accept December doesn't play by the rules.

Speaking of December, 'tis the season of giving. When I was getting my food bank donation list together, I realized that it might also be good to prepare a package for a local women's shelter. I asked a friend who does shelter work what kinds of things I should get. She said that a lot of the women at shelters don't ever get special things this time of year (or ever). No gifts, no special groceries, no treats. She said things like good shampoo and conditioner, granola bars, cake mix, $10 gift certificates and just about any other fun extra is greatly appreciated. I think I'll have a good time putting that gift basket together.

If you would like to join in this holiday season, there is also the United Way campaign going on. You can donate here - it's a very easy way to make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Just make sure you get to a dentist soon. I think the ones I use in Alfred are accepting new patients, and they're only a 40 minute drive from downtown:


Advil is good for reducing inflammation and killing the pain, and using Sensodyne toothpaste would help as well. Make sure the peroxide/baking soda mix is like a paste and you're getting it between the gum and the tooth.

But if this tooth infection is spreading into your jaw it could get dangerous.

The gift baskets for shelters thing is a great idea. People tend to take the basics for granted, but things like toothbrushes can be a really big deal. The only problem with gifting shelters is finding them... maybe Zoom! would have some idea as to how to safely get gift baskets to people who need them.

xup said...

Just get some professional help before your entire head becomes one giant petri dish. Avoiding antibiotics is good, but sometimes they're the only thing that will help.

raino said...

yikes. i would get some help real /meds real quick for that mouth of yours. a sore mouth is bad and can so easily get worse. poor you.

Shawna said...

Are you better??