November 19, 2008

Just Saying

Aah, my splinter came out.

This evening has been weird - I took too long to eat dinner and now my head is all messy. I made a tasty roll with filo and feta and spinach but it's too late to reverse the wooziness I'm feeling. The woozy has taken hold. The woozy is here.

The radio is playing choral music and melting at how pretty it is. I could listen to choral music, especially a good treble chorus, all night. Did you know that the Ottawa Children's Choir may lose all its funding if these municipal arts cuts go through? As well as Ladyfest and pretty much every other excellent arts institution this city has built? Yeah. Just sayin'. Maybe it's the woozy talking, but that makes me really fucking mad.

Mayor Larry, you've always been so bad it was almost funny. Now it's not funny. Now you are an even bigger piece of shit than you were before. Hear that? You're a turd.

I have to write a test for a job tomorrow and I'm nervous. Not only because I know I'm not going to get the job, but also because work has been too busy to even try and prepare. Lose and lose.

On a lighter note, it's only a week and two days until I get my hair cut off and dyed some new colour. That always puts me in a great mood. I want part of my head to be shaved when it's all said and done.

Time to pass out and face the music tomorrow. I honestly can't wait for the weekend to come.



A. & J. said...

I think there is something in the air this week. I think we're all feeling a little like this. Cheer up, play with Morty and cozy up and watch a good movie. :)

xup said...

It really has been one hell of a crazy week all over. And I did a board this week, too! Remind me to tell you how I managed to get to the interview stage

Bandobras said...

Don't live in Ottawa
Don't know Mayor Larry.
But it seems to me you may be doing shit and turd a disservice here.

Jessica said...

Haircuts are fun! I am just adding some CDs to my itunes at work and my lord, I can't believe how long your hair was on the back of the vanity press album. Craziness!