November 18, 2008

Home Sick


I stayed home sick today.

Yesterday, I was legitimately sick. I felt nauseous and my throat was uncomfortably scratchy. So I slept in today and took my time getting dressed - I assumed I would still feel awful. But no, the sleep fixed me, so I had a refreshing day off. Score. I hung out with my awesome dog and tried to stay out of my BH's hair. Sometimes I forget how stressful university can be, and I'm sure I was on a short fuse through the last couple years of my degree. I just need to remind myself of that every now and then. Nobody likes being on the receiving end of Cranky.

During my attempt to stay out of his hair, I ran half a million errands. As much as I love days where I can lounge around, I also fucking LOVE feeling productive and checking stuff off my list. I also had some 'me time' at one of my favourite spots: the basement of the giant Book Market on Dalhousie. I could, and sometimes do, spend hours there. It was therapy of the cheapest kind. Although it was the first time I noticed that they don't have very old books there... The earliest I could find were from the seventies.

I also went boot shopping and came back with nothing because I was haunted by my budget. That was dumb, because I set aside the money for boots... Booo.

Has anyone ever felt like they were waiting for their lives to start? It's a weird question, I know. I've done a lot and I like what I do. But I feel as though I'm waiting for something. Something big. Something different.

The End.


Milan said...

"Has anyone ever felt like they were waiting for their lives to start?"

It was certainly unnerving to make the transition from the long-predictable course of high school to undergrad to grad school to the uncertainties of working.

I definitely feel as though I am waiting for an opportunity to make a significant difference, ideally in the realm of fighting climate change.

Stella said...

I feel that way too... It's as though I am waiting for a chance to jump into something new. It's a weird thing to have always in the back of your mind.

Milan said...

How do you imagine the opportunity might present itself?

Stella said...

Hopefully in a nice piece of pie.

I don't know how that would work exactly, but I'm just seriously craving some pie right now.

Milan said...

Assuming that one has no baking skill and no friends whose baking skill can be exploited, where in Ottawa can one find good pie?

I had some decent pie at Gaia, at a promotional celebration lunch.

Stella said...

Hmmm... A good question. I am blessed with a partner who can bake, so I usually just say something like, "Man, it would be great to have some pie today..." and BAM! There it would be.

As for *external* pie sources, that's harder. Memories used to bake a mean pie, but I haven't been there in a couple of years and don't know if the quality has changed. I'm also a big fan of farmer's market pies, especially the ones from the market at Heron and Bank.

Anyone else with pie advice?

Marie-Adèle said...

I've always had that feeling deep inside of me. But last winter, I decided that it was pretty silly to think that way, seeing as I'm young, single, and in Tokyo (one of the coolest cities ever)! So I've been trying to reset my mind to "this is the beginning, let's see what happens!"