March 8, 2010



Now that my work craziness is over, I've replaced the insanity with buying a house. Not the best planning perhaps, but there you have it.

I'm learning so much already, and things will only snowball from here. I've decided to take on some renos myself. Wanna hear what I'm going to try? OKAY!

- tearing down a wall
- putting up a wall elsewhere
- laying engineered wood throughout most of the house
- drywalling
- painting
- tearing up old rotten tile and re-tiling a shower stall
- replacing light fixtures
- putting up bedboard

What's interesting about that list is that I only know how to do one of those things: painting. Am I crazy? Likely.

I might even start up a secret home reno blog so that the public can watch me stumble through my steep learning curve. We'll see.

In the meantime... I'll tell you stories about my clumsiness. Yesterday I tripped on the edge of the sidewalk and fell over. Other than being surprised, I felt fine. I dusted myself off and went along my way.

Today, however, it has become clear that I've pulled all my ass muscles. I'm not even sure how one pulls all their ass muscles in one quick fall, but apparently I've done it. That, and I've pulled my ankle to shit and my shoulder too. It's weird - it seemed like such a small tumble. Now I'm limping all over the place and people keep catching me trying to massage my own butt cheeks.

Enough about that. Thanks for all the well wishes on the house - you bloggy folk have been so supportive!


Asteroidea Press said...

Drywalling is pretty easy, actually. Best advice about it I ever got was to do the drywalling yourself and then call in a professional to do the mudding. The mudding is what makes the end result look really good and doesn't take all that long for a professional to do. One of the places where the money you spend will be totally worth it.

I've done some framing and drywalling, clumsily for the most part, but if you need an extra set of hands, let me know! I might also have some useful tools that you wouldn't have to buy (e.g. a t-square).


meanie said...

don't make the new reno bloga secret - i'd love to follow it!

Stella said...

Megan: What's a t-square? This is going to be fun/disastrous.

Meanie: Well, for you I'll consider making it public. But only for you.

Pauline said...

"Now I'm limping all over the place and people keep catching me trying to massage my own butt cheeks."

LOL! Nothing wrong with that if your butt is what's hurting! ;)

Good luck on the renos! You are really ambitious to try and tackle all those things on your first house! I give you mad props! :)