March 24, 2010



I have reason to believe that Morty's charms have cast a spell on my BH's mother.

She took Morty a few days ago to spend some time running him around her backyard. We got several phone calls in the first few hours, all detailing how adorable Morty is, how cute he is when he naps, how cuddly he is.... How he might as well spend the night with them since he was already there. We said okay, but I'm not sure we really had a choice.

The next day was the same. Oh, he's just the cutest, he's so sweet, he's having fun here.... He should stay another night. We said okay, although come to think of it, we weren't really asked this time.

This is the third day I've been without my little dude, and I've communicated as sweetly as I can that Morty HAS to come back now. My house is so quiet! My BH and I sat around stupidly last night, unable to figure out what to do with ourselves. I realize this points to a larger problem of us being a bit attached to our dog, but hey, he's our dog. I like being attached to him.

Jury's out on whether we'll get our guy back this evening, but if he's not there by supper time, I'm going to steal a car and get him myself.

In other news....

My days are filled up with preparations for the house, mostly. It's such a crazy process, no? So many layers of things to keep track of. Thankfully, buying a house has revived my obsession with listmaking and organization. I'm not really sure how I could do it otherwise. I know disorganized people buy houses - I just don't know how they get through it without accidentally blowing something up / forgetting a payment / missing a meeting / skipping an essential repair.

There are lots of big things going on with my BH right now. He's one class away from being finished with his degree. He's celebrating a very special birthday in a month. And of course, he's figuring out the whole home ownership thing. Go BH!

Although we expected it, we're predictably getting lots of questions from relatives over whether or not we're going to get hitched. Maybe we'll do it all backwards - house, babies, wedding. Or maybe we'll marry ourselves to the house. Or maybe.... Well. You get the idea. It's still not our top priority. Besides, ten years ago this spring, we went on our first date. Now THAT'S something to celebrate!

More soon, bunnies.


Nat said...

I hope Morty wants to come back... spoiled little pup.

The Man and I have been together for 18 years, from time to time we still get the marriage question.