I've been meaning to make a fan page on Facebook for my music.... It's been in the back of my mind for about a year now. The trouble with Facebook is that people get so many invites and so many requests that I feel sort of badly for adding to the flood. I know I can't really keep up with the amount of stuff I get.

Anyway. With two gigs happening in May, I figured it was high time for me to get that page going. It's just easier to let folks know about shows without hounding them via e-mail etc. I set it up yesterday, and although it's not the most exciting page I've ever seen, people are actually joining it! People I don't even know! I'm thrilled. Seriously.*

In other news, the renovations from hell continue at our apartment. You know what's bad about it? The landlord is only doing the bare minimum to make a quick buck. He wants to fix up the units and sell them off, but he's doing a completely half-assed job at it. My BH overheard him yesterday telling his contractors to not bother making a wall fit the fire code because "nobody will check." You know what honey? If there's a fire and someone dies, that's on your head. Especially since he just built a wall over everyone's back door. No escape route and no fire safe walls. That's just great.

Also? This guy is one of the main home inspectors in the city.

We're thinking of reporting the building to the fire marshall when we're a little closer to our move date.

Let's swing back to more positive news. My overtime money is starting to come in! Granted, it's already allotted to the house renos, but it's nice to get compensated for that insane workload.

Oh, and I've set up the home reno blog! I'll give y'all the link when it's a bit prettier. I haven't actually posted anything yet.

*I guess I'm assuming that most of you know the real me, name-wise. If you don't and you want to know more about my tunes, feel free to drop me a line at hello.hella.stella AT gmail DOT com.


Anonymous said...

Hey - Facebook is all about being inundated with stuff to join. That's the whole point of it. It's fun to actually join something you understand and don't have to play every day!!

Milan said...

Facebook seems like an important place to be. It now gets more pageviews than Google.

Pauline said...

"We're thinking of reporting the building to the fire marshall when we're a little closer to our move date."

Do it!! That jerk needs to be held accountable for his bullshit, like so many other cheapass landlords!