December 2, 2009

Pacing Myself

Yesterday was weird.

I had an unexpected day off work, which was great, except that I couldn't really decide what to do with myself. I puttered around for a bit before I decided to walk my lazy ass down to Preston and get all my knives sharpened.

There's something about walking though Centretown with a giant bag full of knives, let me tell you.

Now I have knives so sharp I'm scared to use them. I was washing them in the sink after I brought them home and sliced my heavy duty sponge in two. Eventually I'll graduate from sponges to actual food. The reason I got them sharpened in the first place was to avoid the mess I become when I'm cutting onions.

So. It's December. Consider my mind blown.

Obviously I knew it was coming. I have a calender. I know that December follows November. But I know how quickly December slides by, so I'm already wondering if I'm going to blink and find myself in January.

Here are some of the things I'll be doing to make December as great as possible:

- make mincemeat pies

- make chocolate candy cane bark for my co-workers

- have a million dinners with my friends

- order my final two or three Christmas gifts

- buy more Hannukah gelt

- bring out my Christmas decorations and do up the apartment

- listen to a lot of loud choral music

- hang out with my puppy and my BH as much as I can

- send out some holiday cards with pictures, especially to family in India

- sing in the choir!

- make some lists (funny, I wrote this down before I noticed the irony)

How about you? What are you going to do to make sure your month is fun fun fun?


meanie said...

i made an advent calendar for the girls and each day there is an activity for us to do together, v. fun. i had a cookie exchange party last weekend (11 dozen cookies yo!) and i'm taking two weeks off starting dec. 17. can't wait! i'm also trying to get all my shopping done now so i don't have to stress about it later :)

Hannah said...

Hard to believe its almost 2010 eh?

For December-I will be buying gifts, performing in a bellydance show, finishing French classes, drawing, painting and partaking in a bunch of office holiday parties.

All these activities will be followed by much eating, drinking and sleeping come the end of December.:)

Shawna said...

Save a dinner for me? Miss you.

Nat said...

God, it's a nutty nutty thing -- but I am not feeling it this year. Mainly due to work stress...

So while I look to kill my inner grinch I think I may indulge in copious quantities of libations. :)

Julie Harrison said...

Sorry, you lost me at making your own mincemeat pies? Do you really make these things from scratch?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to take my usual 2 weeks off a veg .... well I'll take a few days to go visit the family and some some festive eating and drinking..but mostly veg.

Stella said...

Meanie: An advent calender is a great idea.... And so is a cookie exchange!

Hannah: You will have a super creative month! Good one!

Shawna: I will always save a dinner for you. And a last dance, if you wanna.

Nat: What is up with all that work stress? It seems endless. You tell it to screw off and let you enjoy the month.

Julie: Yes, and it's not really hard either! Mincemeat (the veg stuff) is really just dried fruit, spices, sugar and an assload of booze. Mix it with apples and pop it in a pie shell. Awesome.

XUP: Vegging is a noble activity.