December 22, 2009



It hit me this morning like a ton of bricks. I want to get back in the studio. Like, now.

There are a few reasons why I'm not recording at the moment. One, because I have only a few good new songs. Also, I really can't afford it.

I suppose the logical thing to do is apply for those grants and wait to see if I get any money. BUT. Then I have to wait until the deadline passes in January, then wait around for a few more months to get a response, and if I don't get the money, that's a winter wasted.

The alternative, I think, is to save up a little bit of money and chat with my engineer about how much time I can buy. Then I'll go in and lay down some very quick tracks. At least then I'll have something to work on while I figure the rest of the money out.

Anyway. That's the tentative plan.

In other news, other than having bought all the gifts, I have zero else prepared. No wrapping, no decorations, no baking, nada. Damn this crazy month! My lofty plans will have to come down a notch, but that's cool. At least we took the time to stock up on booze.


Nat said...

Booze makes it better...

god I sound like a drunk.

coffeewithjulie said...

Hi Stella,
Man, I love that pink streak in your hair. I think I need a pink streak in my hair. Also, I like your plan to get into the studio earlier than later. It will make you happy. That or you could go for Nat's suggestion of booze. But she's a drunk, so I wouldn't take her suggestions too seriously. ;)
Happy ho-ho-ho!