May 12, 2009


I have started wincing every time I open my music e-mail account. The danger with getting lots of great music news at once is being paranoid everything will fall through. So far my fears are unfounded, but still... The wincing. When I finally open my eyes, things are usually just fine.

Now I understand why people hate the dentist! Usually my appointments are no longer than 20 minutes. I leave with a free toothbrush, and I skip out of there with shiny teeth. At yesterday's routine cleaning, they found that my gums were unusually sensitive, and proceeded to spend the next hour and a half poking at them with a metal toothpick to see how much they would bleed. AWESOMENESS. My mouth is still swollen today.

I did get my free toothbrush though...

Last night the gang went to see Star Trek, which I LOVED. Entertaining, funny, and I had a good time watching the characters' personalities come out of the woodwork... Hello Spock! I'll certainly be watching it again. I guess I should mention that I'm not one to be bothered by plot inconsistencies or implausible story twists so long as the overall film is great (same reason I enjoy the Harry Potter series so much). If I couldn't turn off the critical part of my brain, I'd never be able to watch movies. I draw the line at atrociously cheesy music though - nobody should be subjected to that.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and my BH is taking me out for a night on the town... So I may or may not be able to post. I'll be back here Thursday, if not.

Bye puppies!


Hannah said...

I hope you had a great Birthday!:)