May 7, 2009

Tarts n' Crafts


Saturday is Tarts n' Crafts, otherwise known as the Ladyfest craft sale. It's going to kick ass, so please come.

I'll be there (after 2pm) giving out info on the Venus Envy Bursery Fund. The sale runs between 10am and 5pm at the Jack Purcell Community Centre on Elgin, with a $2 admission. There will be loads of local crafty goodness for sale, not mention pussy pops (don't ask, just know that they are wicked awesome). Obviously a nice way to spend the day. Just you, the crafters, and your pussy pop. And a fuckload of people!

After the craft sale, you can mosey on down to the 4th Annual Show Tune Showdown! There is no shortage of fun happenings this weekend, I tell ya.

One of my favourite local bloggers is struggling with some difficult news, so hop on over and give her some love, if you haven't already. She got the same spunk as my favourite Cancer Cowgirl, and I have a feeling she's going to kick it in the butthole just like Ms. Carr did. Perhaps I shall buy her a pussy pop to cheer her up! I am brilliant.

Morty seems to have a sore shoulder or elbow... We can't tell which yet. We've got a vet appointment in just over a week, and until then he'll have to cut back on strenuous exercise. He's fine until he runs around for a while, and then he's all limpy. I'm a little nervous that it's dysplasia, which is very common in bulldogs. We'll have to wait and see. Poor tyke.

I have my vacation-to-do-nothing coming up soon... I'm so excited! While I'm determined to knock a few things off my To Do list, I also do not want to fill up my days with worky business. I want to sleep in, write songs, cuddle with the pup and my BH, and bake. I don't get a whole lot of vacation time with my job, and I refuse to let it slip by unappreciated. I also don't want to get saddled with endless chores. The worky stuff will only happen as long as I am getting my actual vacation fun in.



Hannah said...

Woo! Ladyfest craft sale! I am so there! Sorry to hear that Knitnut is having a hard time lately, I'll go over and wish her well.
I hope Morty gets better soon!:)

zoom said...

Thank you Hella Stella. I'm holding you to that pussy pop promise, just like you're holding me to that tofu video promise...