May 18, 2009

Vacation Brain


Tomorrow marks the start of my spring/summer vacation. I've taken the week off to relax and to get some stuff done.

I've got a few appointments lined up that I would normally put off because they fall during my work hours. I'm also planning to give yoga a fourth try. It's still likely that I'll hate it, but I'm nothing if not determined. I even bought a yoga mat! Boy, will that ever be a waste of cash if I decide that yoga isn't my style... Again.

I've scheduled a bunch of rehearsals this week with my cousin Brian, because I've finally got the time, and I don't need to push them until 8pm as I normally do. We're playing at the Black Sheep at the start of June, and there are some other interesting gig things we'd like to be prepared for. It's been really nice rehearsing with him so far, because shit, we're way ahead of schedule! Usually we plan these things a day or two before a show. This time we'll actually be ready. It's a weird feeling.

The best part of rehearsing with Brian is the walking to and from practice. He lives in Centretown, not far from me, and on a really pretty street. I'm loving my daily explorations of the neighbourhood. I'm also loving all the flowers - I have a feeling that if it wasn't for these rehearsals, I'd spend most of my time indoors cuddling the puppy and missing all the blooms.

My BH and I just got back from Dow's Lake to check out the tulips. It was pretty chilly out, but man are those flowers ever nice.

I've already got vacation brain, so I'll bid you farewell before this post degrades completely. Evening, y'all!


Asteroidea Press said...

Oh dear! Have you unwrapped it? I'd be happy to loan you my extra one till you decide if you like it or not!

Asteroidea Press said...

Umm, the yoga mat, of course.