May 15, 2009



Oops, I didn't write yesterday, as promised. My bad. I was too busy causing trouble, as I am wont to do.

My birthday was great - thanks for your well-wishes here, there and everywhere. My BH went all out, despite my feeble cries of protest that he not go overboard. We started the day with giant pieces of French toast, local maple syrup, fried bananas and tea. He gifted me that fancy Tivoli radio and a wicked label maker. I plan to make labels this evening!!! I am most excited!!!

Then I went to work, a mistake I will not replicate next year. Who knew that everyone expects you to book your birthday off? Now I know.

My BH had asked me where I wanted to go to dinner, and I requested Whalesbone, one of my very favourite Ottawa restaurants. Motherfuck, my meal was good. So was my Caesar. We floated out of there, a bit drunk and very full. Milan popped over as I was passing out on the couch to gift me a giant framed photo of Morty. Talk about a thoughtful gift.

Morty celebrated my birthday by sticking his head in between my BH and I while I was getting a birthday smooch. Thanks Morty! Nothing says birthday like a mouth full of bulldog, and a paw in your ear.

I seem to have misplaced my camera, but as soon as I find it I'll catch up on the backlog of photos I keep meaning to post here.

Enjoy the sunshine... Today is my last day of work before I take next week off. Can't freaking wait.