May 19, 2009

First Official Day of Vacation


1. Took Morty to the vet, where he voided his bowels on the floor out of sheer panic. Made mental note not to take him back to the vet unless absolutely necessary. He hates it there.

2. Made lasagna!

3. Wrote a song. I also wrote a song yesterday, which was the first song I had written since October. Turns out all I need to write is a quiet space and a closed door. (And a guitar, obvs)

4. Had rehearsal with Brian. Split a bottle of wine between the two of us in between songs.

5. Pondered starting my yoga challenge as planned, and realized I was drunk. Bussed to Silver City and watched Wolverine instead.

I'm now home, ready to curl up in bed with my puppy and my sweetheart. It's been a pretty nice day off.


Milan said...

Congrats on the song writing, and enjoy your time off!

Hannah said...

Aww..poor Morty! Have you tried bringing treats with you to soften the whole 'vet experience?'