February 26, 2009

Things I Love


Funny signs.
Men in pink shirts.

Matso ball soup with fresh challah bread.

UK dancehall when I walk to work.

Taking a day off to get a hair cut!!! I can't wait for a little more platinum blonde, a little shave in the back, and a lot less work in the mornings.


raino said...

don't you just feel like a new person after a haircut. my dad used to say that and i never really 'got' that by now i do.


Anonymous said...

At last someone that can appreciate a man in a pink shirt! I will let you know next time I use it... at least someone can say I'm elegant and not a queer!

Stella said...

Raino: It's the best feeling... All those years I was doing my own hair, I was missing out.

TiredProp: Men who wear pink shirts are confident, stylish and (queer or not) AWESOME.

Hannah said...

Matso ball soup would be great right now!
That picture reminds me of this one. LOL: http://www.neatorama.com/2009/02/17/very-suspicious-supermarket/

Anonymous said...

I would so love some soup right about now