February 23, 2009

On Bullshit

So. That video about songwriting.

I've tried to upload it three times, and it's simply not working. Last time I left it for three hours before it finally shut my computer down.

Since it is causing me immense frustration, I'm going to tell the video to suck it and I'll make a proper songwriting list instead. I'm good at lists. Video? Not so much.

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed seeing Morty wrapped up in Snuggie goodness. He was adorable and grunty the whole time. I should clarify a few things, however:

1. The Snuggie is not mine. It belongs to my dear friend Heather, who brought it over after we had dim sum yesterday. We have decided to do a series of Snuggie-related projects, some of which involve wearing the Snuggie in public and taking photos to preserve the moment. Her father has an extra Snuggie, so we can do these stunts together, as nature intended.

2. I find the Snuggie, in reality, completely and utterly ridiculous. Besides the fact that it is nothing but a giant blanket with arms, I also far prefer the comfort of a good blanket when I'm trying to stay warm. Heather's Snuggie was so big that it trailed about a meter on the floor behind me (granted, I'm short). The sleeves were about the lenth of my entire body. How is that practical? And how do the kids in the commercial even manage that awkward high-five??

3. Morty was actually a bit perturbed by the Snuggie, but then he tried to love it up, so I think he's changing his mind. DOMINATE THE SNUGGIE.

Not that you could tell, but I was gone all day Saturday. My BH and I drove to Toronto on a whim, going there and back in one day. It would have actually been great if we hadn't hit a storm on the way home, right around the same time we realized that our borrowed car did not have winter tires. It was a very nervous ride, and a couple of times we were sure we wouldn't be able to stop. We made it home at 3am, and I'm still feeling worse for wear.

Why would we drive to Toronto if we can only go for one day, you ask? A few reasons.

If we had our own car, we would have stayed overnight. We don't, and given our time restraints, we thought we'd rather go for a day than not at all. We also have a few things we love to do in Toronto, and they don't take a whole lot of time. They are mostly within walking distance of our parking garage, and then we always finish the day by having dinner in Little India. This is conveniently around the corner from the highway.

We were also going stir crazy, and a quick jaunt out of town was all we needed. We got some kick-ass chocolate, a bunch of new music, some great books, and we ate at two of our favourite restaurants. We even got to visit Shawna! It was excellent quality time.

I'm already planning another trip back, but this time we'll stay overnight. That way we can fit in more eating and poking around on King St. E. I love that area.

Perhaps the greatest part of our trip was the time we got to spend together. When we're at home, we're often doing chores or watching a movie or playing with Morty. This doesn't leave a lot of time for good conversation. Sure enough, when we really got talking over spicy dosas and tea on Gerrard St, we made an entire plan (plus financing!) for my next album.

That alone was worth the drive.

That, and the fact that I bought a book called "On Bullshit" that is literally a book about the art of bullshitting. Yes please.


Emily said...

Ah, the Snuggie. I have a perfect outfit match for the Snuggie called 'Bajeans'. They're just like jeans, except there's a zipper in the back. In fact, it's just like wearing jeans backwards!

If you're in Toronto again anytime give me a shout, I'm sure I can find a spare bed/couch for you to crash on if you need it.

Or at least keep an eye out for me. I'll be the one wearing the Bajeans(tm).

Stella said...

Bajeans(tm)? You must wear them at the next dinner! They sound divine!

Shawna said...

I'm so glad I got to see you! But not at the expense of your health and safety...

I hope all that SOMA chocolate tided you through the terror of stormy highway driving when you've been up for 20 hours.