February 12, 2009


I heard my song on the radio and it was highly exciting!!

It came on just as I was walking home from work. The reception on my MP3 player was atrocious, but I heard my name and picked up the first few lines of Sleeper before the static took over.

Moments like that make me feel okay about having album-related debt. Debt is temporary. Music is not. I can deal.

It's also nice to see that people are actually looking me up because of the broadcast - my stat counter has picked up folks from all over the country finding my music site by typing in various badly-spelled versions of my name. Happy!

I would like to chat more, but there are complications:

- the screen on my BH's computer is on the fritz and I can barely see what I'm typing

- my nose collided with Morty's tooth a minute ago and I'm bleeding (it's nobody's fault... we headbutted trying to get comfy on the couch) (he has a sizable head) (and giant teeth)

- my BH has fallen asleep beside me and Morty is cradling his ass with his paws.... I must get a picture before it ends!

- the bleeding nose thing


David Scrimshaw said...

What station?

Stella said...

It was on CBC Radio 2... 103.3 in Ottawa. You can get it on podcast, I think...

raino said...

ah. i just showed morty to my daughter and she wants him. really he is too cute. i feel badly about your nose and all but really i can't be upset with him. take care of that snoz eh! congrats again on the song too. good for you.

La Canadienne said...

Please post this picture you ran off to take...