February 17, 2009

Mid February, I Curse You


My posting lately has been a little half-hearted. Mid-February does this to me, mostly because I am trying to do as little as possible in a twisted concession to let winter win.

Still, the weather has been mild, and I'm happy that as each day passes, I am that much closer to seeing a crocus or two. Morty, however, has been mourning the lack of fresh snow. He's a bit of a diva about where he pees.

I still owe y'all a post about songwriting, but my computer has been holding me back. I'd like to make a video about the process, but since my laptop died in November, the driver for my web cam has been missing. So. Hummm. Excuses.

What else?

I am becoming consumed by lists. I have never had more plans for the future than I do now. The most immediate? Buy an electric guitar. With... All that money I have. HAH.

Until then, I'll be burning through my stash of chocolate chip cookie dough at record speed. Because it's mid-February, and I can.


meanie said...

dude! you can't come to my blog, bragging about how good your coffee is, without walking me through how to do it! i need to know everything - kind of coffee you use, measurements, steeping time. i am your grasshopper. teach me.

Tom Sawyer said...

Dude! You can't write on your blog about writing about songwriting without actually writing about songwriting without walking me through how to do it! I need to know everything: kind of instruments you use, harmony, melody, lyrics, festering time. I, too, am your grasshopper. Teach me and I will not forget.

Stella said...

Duuuuudes.... Pressure!

Meanie: see my detailed instructions on your blog.

Tom: I fail! Maybe I'll take a video with my digital camera instead. Then at least you'll get something within the next year.

But seriously, SOON. I swear.

Marie-Adèle said...

Mid-February in Ottawa can be a soul-eating thing indeed. Mid-February in Tokyo, however, and this one in particular, is a glorious thing indeed. ^_^

So, when are you guys coming to the land of sushi and really weird tv shows? :D