February 4, 2009



I've developed a very "office job" sort of injury.... Stabbing pains in my arm and hand because of MOUSE OVERUSE. Can you believe that? Lame-o. I'd rather have pulled a muscle climbing a mountain, but there you have it. Funny thing is that it's not even the first time this has happened.

My BH and I had discussed taking a trip in March to see a great concert and spend some time in another city. I booked a B&B and held off buying show tickets until I could confirm it all with him. Then he said it would be too expensive and that we shouldn't go.

At first I was sad, but now I've sorta decided to go anyways. What can I say? I'd really like a weekend away after the Montreal thing fell through. Solo vacation on the cheap. Not as much fun without my boy, but fuck it, I want a mid-winter break. Last winter was rough and I don't think I took a single trip outside Ottawa. Besides, visiting other cities is my number one source for new songwriting material, and I'm running thin.

So, yeah. Two more months until things get melty. I can do this!



I've cancelled the B&B and I don't think I'm going to bother going anywhere. The whole point was to hang out with my BH, and I guess we're going to be hanging out at home instead.

Today sucks!


Thank you, Shawna, for cheering me up with this. Snuggies are everywhere!


Jessica said...

Oh fun! What concert?

Laura said...

Hang in there....HUGS!

A. & J. said...

why not grab a big green shag rug, a heat lap, lawn chair, mojito, pretend your on a beach and relax..

another idea is to go tanning, it might just be the heat you need to get by the next couple of weeks

Hannah said...

I've been experiencing the same type of pain in my arm too from sitting on my butt in front of the computer for too long. I think there's stretches at your desk you can do to fix it, so I'm going to try them.:)

La Canadienne said...

I'm so glad someone is as intrigued by the "snuggies" as my family was when the commercial came on tv. And by "intrigued" I mean "so amused that we all laughed a lot".