Thanks to everyone for your nice comments about Andi's TV spot.

I should have mentioned that I find her performance especially impressive because BNN pulled the rug out from under her - she was told she would be talking about the Energy Day of Action, and instead she was used as an example of beaver-loving environmentalists everywhere. They also slapped the mic on her and then put her on air without so much as a word, like "Oh, you should look at the camera when responding to our douche of an interviewer" or "You're going on air NOW." Nope, it was a complete farce of proper broadcasting etiquette.

Anyways. Good on you, gal.

Now for some exciting news that I'm putting out there to make sure I actually get it done... My BH and I are going to try and visit Japan next year! (Adele! You're not planning on moving just yet... Right?! :)) I'm having visions of bento supplies and fancy fabric. And I guess we'll also have to see if the money comes together. Heh.

This weekend is all about bloggers. I'm seeing more of y'all in two days than I've seen since the last breakfast meetup! Most excellent! Details to come.... Possibly with pictures.


La Canadienne said...

I miss you lots! I'm in O-town for reading week Feb 21-29, so maybe we can have a date then?

Stella said...


A. & J. said...

Japan! that's so exciting!

Marie-Adèle said...

My lease is good until June 2010, so I'll be here at least until then.

I'll have to show you guys the all tofu restaurant. You can order a lunch set that comes with like 20 different little dishes, all different kinds of tofu. SO GOOD. ^____^