December 2, 2008

My Mouth Hates Me

Dudes, I am embarrassed to admit this, but I'm going to go ahead and say it.

The day my mouth thingy cleared up, my wisdom tooth on the other side of my mouth started coming in. And it's tearing up the gum. And it's.... Infected.

I'm going to see the dentist tomorrow. Not happy. Not happy at all. The Gods are conspiring to make sure I can't sample my own Christmas baking and that I have to gargle salt water eleventy times a day. LAME.

Moving on.

Jo was sweet enough to invite Morty and I over for some clementine consumption last night. Morty walked in her front door, checked Shy Dog's food dish for goodies, and crapped in her hallway. Awkward! He hasn't crapped in someone's house for months and months! But he looked so sad after that I knew he just misjudged the power of his own little bowels. Aw, poor guy.

My BH joined the party after I cleaned up the poo and we all had a grand time. Especially Morty who clearly thinks Shy Dog is foxy. If you catch my drift.

Since I hope to one day chew with both sides of my mouth again, I am planning out some Christmas cooking. So far I'm going to make mincemeat (without the meat, obvs), pie of all kinds, roasted garlic on everything (except the mincemeat, obvs) and braised cabbage. It's exciting! I love food!

Here's hoping the dentist doesn't yank out my tooth. That would seriously impede my holiday weight gain plans.


Laura said...

Poor you...I just had my wisdon teeth out and my surgen was AMAZING - and I hate the dentist and had complications, and still cannot speak more highly of him. Let me know if you need his name. I had mine done at the Riverside hospital - but we foresaw complications - he also does them at his office. Good Luck! Poor you.

Anonymous said...

Poor you! Poor BH! Has anyone factored in his suffering through this ordeal?

Amanda said...

oh i more than sympathize, i emphathize. my wisdom teeth were killing me in oct/nov. coincidentally i am seeing a specialist tomorrow to determine if they need to be yanked.
yours in toothsome and possibly toothless solidarity, my dear.