March 2, 2011

Because I Know

Today was an absolute bust.

It figures that as my musical life is coming together, my day job would fall to shit. The upside is that I am long overdue for a change in work, and that the places I may end up sound pretty neat.

The downside is that office drama keeps me up at night and makes me want to watch Funny Or Die videos until I fall asleep on my laptop. Anxious, angry, and frustrated: kicking around in my chest.

My BH is housesitting for the week, so it's just me and the dogs. I honestly want to do nothing more than mull a pot of wine and watch dumb movies. I know there are more productive things I could focus my energy on, but that will have to be it for now.

Le sigh.

Here is a picture of a cake, because I know you like cake.

And the cake likes you. It told me so.


Anonymous said...

I like cake too.

Pauline said...

Sorry to hear about the day job drama! Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to work day jobs at all?

I hope things improve soon!

Did your significant other bake that cake?

M-A said...

Mmmm, caaaaaake.

Screw the day job... or well, don't, or not until you can afford to. And hopefully then you'll be able to afford to come visit me! ^.^