March 17, 2011

Strange Runes


Hello sugars!

To make up for the fact that I've been such an absentee blogger, I present to you a picture of my hair.

Or lack thereof.

Milan took it (thanks Milan!), stating that "You need a record of the fact that someone shaved strange runes into your head." What can I say? I asked for something improvised and weird, and I'm not disappointed in the least.

In other news, I have a start date for the new job. I can't believe it! Things will be mind-bogglingly busy from now until July, but I think I'll learn a lot. Not sure what they'll make of my hair, but they're just going to have deal.

I promise I'll get back to regular blogging after this weekend - my last full one in studio. I miss it already.



chickadeenextome said...

i think i cut clara's hair the same way, minus the shaving at the back!

Milan said...

The hair looks cool!

karen said...

Great hair! And congrats on the new job - I admire your ability to go for it. I'm in such a rut, I need a change as well.
Did I mention I started my bass guitar lessons? I can't thank you enough for loaning it to freaking fun.


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