Colour me shocked.

When I started up a fundraising site for my new album, hoping to cover some of the costs through fan donation, I didn't really know what to expect. The donations have been steady though, clocking in at about $1000 when I include cash contributions. That's a helpful amount of money.

Last night, I got a notification of a new donation. Someone I've never met who lives in Chicago donated $500.

I choked on my tea.

$500? You must be shitting me.

Everything checked out though, and I was left assuming the inevitable: He must be crazy. This poor, crazy fellow in Chicago crazily donated a crazy amount of money. I would have to refund it, because I would be taking advantage of him otherwise. Seeing as how he was crazy.

Luckily, I decided to send him an e-mail before hitting the refund button.

It was a difficult letter to write.

"Hi! Thanks for your generous donation! Are you crazy?"

No, that wouldn't do.

"Hello! I notice that you have donated a large sum of money to me. Is everything okay?"

No. Awkward.

I settled with, "Hello! That is a lovely donation. Let's talk."

Turns out he's not crazy, he's just a big fan.

Dudes, if I ever ask myself why I keep this songwriter thing going, remind me that some folks really REALLY dig good music. It's worth it for that reason alone.


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Wow congrats!

Milan said...

Very encouraging to hear. The new album is going to be great.