August 13, 2010


After getting a whopping two hours of sleep last night, I called in sick to work and proceeded to go into Nutso Unpack Mode on my house.

The lack of sleep was caused by the allergies of both my BH and Frida, who alternated shifts of extreme itchiness and unhappy groaning, which I was unable to snooze through. I had planned to sleep the day away, honestly, but my house called me with a voice I couldn't refuse.

Sometimes I feel ridiculous for not being done the housework, but then I remember a few key things:

We only really moved in on July 1, so it's been a month and a half of unpacking / reno time. During this month and a half, I've worked full time hours and my BH has been away for three weeks.

So. Not surprising that we're not living in a gleaming paradise, but I'd still like to finish up.

I think I've done five loads of laundry, one of which was particularly victorious, because it unearthed my favourite bra (it's been missing for weeks and I was getting a little put off by its absence). I've washed the floors, unpacked 90% of the bedroom, organized some recycling and garbage, given Morty a bath (holy hell he was stinky), gotten my closet studio working, and eaten a fabulous piece of peach pie (my BH is back and baking, oh yes).

We were supposed to have company tonight, but the plans fell through, which means I can clean some more. Not sleep, do my nails or go out for dinner.... But CLEAN.

In happy news, I'm recording songs on my new computer. The takes are rough, and the songs are old, but I'm thrilled to be here anyway.