August 16, 2010

Peach Pie


This weekend was a busy one, culminating with a baby shower for a friend of mine. Since I have an allergic reaction to traditional baby showers, when my friend asked me to host, I decided to go for something a little less conventional (thanks for the idea, Offbeat Mama). A few snacks, some great art supplies, and plain onesies to decorate. I think it was a success.... She left with a gigantic personalized wardrobe for her kid, and I didn't need to play baby name games. Victory!

The downside to hosting the shower was that I had to fast-track the unpacking process. That was also the upside, I guess. Although I'm exhausted, my dining / living room looks totally awesome. Just don't peek in the bedroom, because that's where I stashed the boxes! Shhhhh....

My BH is back from the woods, where he was staying for three whole weeks. It felt like FOREVER. I'm glad he's home and baking up a storm. Come visit us if you want peach pie, and no, that's not a euphemism. His return was a sharp reminder that we need a bigger bed, however.... A double mattress does not fit two adults and two bulldogs.

This week we're re-planting the EcoLawn, which died an awful death during the heat wave. We bought a bunch of mushroom compost, and those seeds are going to be cradled in its earthy embrace. Here's hoping we have a lawn before the snow falls. If not, I'm going to pave the backyard. Just kidding. But really, I hope those seeds grow.

I've started using my closet studio, and although it still needs a floor and some shelves, it's pretty much the greatest thing. When I want to play guitar, I close the door, and voila! No howling dogs, no distractions. It's beautiful.

You know what's coming up? PRIDE! There's going to be some wild queer partying and some fun parade action. My BH and I bought rainbow bandannas to dress up the bulldogs. It's going to be a gay old time. Are you guys going to any Pride events?

Over and out!


Milan said...

I'd like to go to some Pride events. What are you planning to attend?

Pauline said...

"Are you guys going to any Pride events?"

YES! We are planning on watching the parade on Sunday, August 29 at 1pm and I'm hoping to take lots of pictures!! When will you be going? I would love to meet up!