August 23, 2010

Certain Sort


I'm still recovering from the weekend. The Venus Envy gang held our annual Certain Sort Pride party, and lord it was fun. I learned a few things:

- Although four beers normally doesn't get me drunk, four beers on an empty stomach gets me quite drunk indeed.

- Pride is a good excuse to wear dresses that are otherwise too small.

- Apparently I have a temper when people talk to me as though I have no brain.

- Eating pho at 3am is an excellent idea.

- I ended up with a lot of boob shots on my camera. Maybe this new boobage isn't so bad after all!

In other news, Frida has decided that pooping outdoors is overrated and that pooping in the dining room is way more awesome. It's... not fun.

Not related to poop: One of my songs is going to appear in a Canadian-made short film! I signed contracts and everything! Very exciting.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's very cool -- not the poop in the dining room...the song being used in a movie!! (hee hee, my captcha word is "wangske")

Stella said...

Haha, wangske. That's the best. Thanks for the congrats! I'm looking froward to seeing the film.

Stella said...


meanie said...

i missed pride altogether this year! how did that happen? i haven't missed the parade in sad.


Pauline said...

It was good to see you at the parade.:)