In order to lose some weight, aka some boobage, I am eating less and cutting down my sugar intake. I'd like to think it's doing some good, except that I ditched the scale during the move and I have absolutely no clue how much I weigh. Not good planning.

You know what else I threw out during the move? Our TV. It was old and partially chewed up by doggies, but it worked. I reasoned that we were going to buy a newer TV when we were more settled, but I miscalculated one thing.

We went broke.

So now we are without an old TV and also without hope for a new TV. Not good planning, yet again. We've had plenty of offers from friends who have old sets collecting dust in their houses, but I'm starting to notice that we are oddly productive without a television. Go figure. Maybe I should hold out for a bit longer, although I really miss watching Harry Potter.

Tonight promises to be stormy and humid. I'm also quite hungover and moderately grumpy. I think I'll stay home with a very long to-do list, and knock off the chores one by one. My top priorities are painting the recording closet and reorganizing the bedroom closet. I'm also annoyed that our mitre saw is still living on top of the kitchen table, so I'll move that if I can. I wouldn't mind giving the floor a good mop too.

Yes, I know, that's a lot for one evening.... Luckily I'm a night owl!