August 2, 2010

Hole in the Heart


Is it wrong that I'm getting excited for fall?

I love summer. LOVE summer. I'm a hot weather gal, through and through.

But I am crazy about fall, and in a fight, fall would pin summer to the ground with one hand behind its back.


I've been a little off this week. My parents had to put down the family cat, and although she was sick and no longer all that happy, I feel her absence like a hole in the heart.

She was always my cat. I picked her out from the Humane Society. I was incredibly fond of her, and spent most of my days with her on my lap or next to me somehow. I haven't lived with my parents for a long time, so I didn't get to see her as much... But it still feels like a kick to the stomach.

Losing pets is so incredibly shitty. They really become a part of your life.

I guess eventually you get used to that hole in the heart.


A definite pick-me-up is the knowledge that my new computer is arriving sometime this week. Because I'll be using it to write and record music, it feels like I'm waiting for the delivery of some powerful creative machine. Whether or not that's true remains to be seen, but I'm looking forward to the process.


I finally updated the house blog. Mosey on over if you want to see one fuck of a bathroom reno.


Pauline said...

I understand your attachment to your parents cat. They had a cat like that who I grew up with and who was very attached to me and I to him. It was SO hard to let him go but it is the sad aspect of owning animals. Hope your heart heals soon!

Yay! On the new computer! What kind is it?

M-A said...


My mother told me about Boots... I'm so sorry. :( I remember going to the Humane Society with you and your mum when you picked her out.

*hugs again*