August 18, 2010

New Mission


My body has been feeling out of sorts lately.

It feels out of shape, mostly, as well as uncomfortable and tired. All the time.

After making several plans of attack to deal with this feeling (eating smaller portions, eating better, being social, exercising more [FAIL], throwing myself into cleaning, sleeping through the night, reorganizing my closet, magically shrinking my boobs, etc), I have decided that all my planning sucks. It doesn't work, I get annoyed, and then I feel worse. FUCK PLANNING.

No, seriously.

So then I made a new plan, because I don't know how to deal with problems any other way. I make a list, I formulate a plan, I act on said plan. Even if that formula has not been working out so well lately.

My latest plan is this:

1. Master stupid iTunes even though I hate stupid iTunes, fill up my MP3 player with good music. This is key to getting anything done in my life - the soundtrack. But Jesus, iTunes pisses me off.
2. Buy myself and my BH a full city gym pass, pool and all.
3. Be creative about this, because I don't actually have money to buy the passes.
4. Make a schedule and follow it as best we can. Be exercise buddies. Try not to make too many excuses.
5. Eventually feel less like a turd.

I don't know if this plan will fail like the other plans. It's certainly possible. But I need to do SOMETHING or my head is going to explode.

In happy music news, I've ended my gigging hiatus and I've started booking fall shows. And it looks like a gig at my favourite cafe (Raw Sugar) with one of my favourite people (Shawna Caspi) is going to be a real possibility. Yay!


zoom said...

That's how I feel too, but my boobs are the only thing that *didn't* get bigger. Sigh.

I've been thinking about joining the gym too, but I fear it's too far away so I'll just end up making excuses not to go, and then I'll feel like even more of a turd.

Milan said...

Sorry about the numerous frustrations.

When are you playing at Raw Sugar?

Shawna said...

Less unpacking!
More gigging!

And obviously, more skin showing.


Anonymous said...

I have brought upon myself a ten pound weight gain. I realize this might not sound like much but I'm 4'10.5 " and the weight is all muffin top. I have not had a routine in my life for over a year now and, stupidly, stopped running when my mate broke his shoulder this winter. There is no reason that I couldn't go to the gym on the days he is in another city but I, again stupidly, have chosen to console myself with glasses of wine and the computer. I think I feel rather turdlike about this behavior . . .

Time for a change people. Time to rethink. Time to giggle over 'rendop': my word verification to post this comment. Time to 'ponder' a little straighter.


Stella said...

Zoom: It's a bit of a cycle. I know the feeling.

Milan: Late October. Not positive yet.

Shawna: I'll show YOU some skin.

Grace: Ah, we can both feel like turds together.