May 4, 2010



Guess what I've got?

An honest to goodness cold. A fairly bad one.

Guess where I'm singing tonight?

At the NAC. With famous people. People I look up to. People I'd like to impress, to the best of my ability.

Today sucks donkey balls.

In other news, I got a quote to build a soundproof closet in the new house, and I can afford it. I wonder if I can record a whole album in there....

Speaking of closets and affordability, can I share some advice with you? If you need someone to build you a bedroom closet, basic doors and shelves along a wall, don't go see a cabinetmaker whose clients are generally quite rich.

Anyone want to guess how much he quoted me?




I went to Ikea instead, and plan to purchase the exact same closet for $1600.

Anyway Internet, please send your healthy vibes my way, because tonight could be great, or it could be a flaming disaster.



Jessica said...

Good luck tonight! You'll do just fine! :)

skylark said...

Make some chicken soup and take a nap then go have fun and kick ass!

Milan said...

I hope you recover fully!

Sorry I can't come tonight, but this climate change presentation could be important.

meanie said...

healthy vibes! how did it go?