Hey! Remember when my BH took my inseam while I was brushing my teeth? And then I figured he was getting me pants for my birthday?

Guess what.

He did it to throw me off. He was actually ordering a fancy-pants tool belt.

Dang, it's nice. Morty is scared shitless of it, but Frida's cool with just about everything. I'll bet I could fit her in one of the pockets.

I'm also modeling a birthday gift from Shawna, who sends me excellent things every year. Thanks sugar! I love the shirt!

We get the house in three days. I'll be getting some use out of this belt, especially since we'll be tearing up carpets and installing floors mighty fast. I'm toying with the idea of not removing the baseboards completely, but we'll see if there's enough clearance. More talk about baseboards will pop up here.

I've got one more gig on May 23 at the Tulip Festival (7pm! Major's Hill!), and then I'm going to try and take the next few months off gigging. I'd like to recharge a bit before I book more shows.

I'm off to kiss a newborn. See y'all soon!


Shawna said...


Milan said...

The shot with Frida is really quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

Hot diggity! Tha's so macho! All you need now is some butt crack.

Nat said...

I am going up to The Man tomorrow and saying "Seeeeeee.. he bought her a toolbelt." (I was told I didn't need a tool belt, but I said since it was my bday it shouldn't be about want...)

Great belt... sorry for the tangent.