May 10, 2010

Dear Matt


Darlings, I may be a little absent over the next while. We get the house in a week and a half. INSANE.

My BH is already packing up our apartment, which is funny, since we don't actually move until the end of June. I think he's just excited. In the meantime, our house is a disaster.

I had a very fun gig on Saturday, except that is was snowing outside while I sang. What is it about snow in May? It's a bummer, that's what. Milan and Evey came, which was great. Milan took pictures. Evey drank alcoholic beverages.

Something weird and sad happened today. I can't think of a smooth way to transition into it, so I'm just going to write.

I noticed that my friend's Facebook status had an RIP in it, and then realized I knew the person who died. I've known him since kindergarten, actually. From then until high school, and then he was transferred somewhere else. He was a bit of a bully, but I know he had an awful home life. His dad was a mean man. He and I both liked to sing, so we always had that in common. We grew up in the same neighbourhood, and went to all the same schools. I haven't seen him in years, but I've been thinking about him recently. It's strange to think that he's gone. I have yet to hear how he died, but apparently he had a drug habit. It makes me kind of nauseous to think of my friend dying alone of an overdose. I hope it's not the case. He was only 28.

I know he often felt misunderstood. I wish I could have been a better friend when we were still in touch.

Here is my note to my friend:

Dear Matt,

You had a beautiful voice, a twisted sense of humour, and a cackle for a laugh. I heard you became a step father a few years ago, and I'll bet you were a very caring dad. I'll miss your skinny legs and your kind smile. You were a much better guy than you gave yourself credit for.



Em said...

sorry to hear about your friend. I hate finding out about stuff like that via Facebook, but I guess it's probably how it's going to be from now on.
Good luck with your move!

Shawna said...

Oh no. I'm pretty sure I know which Matt this is. Damn.

Weirdly, I was also thinking about him recently...

Jessica said...

It’s so strange. I recently found out about a friend’s death on Facebook, and now she’s popping up as someone Facebook recommends that I “reconnect” with. It depresses me every time I sign on, though I don’t have it in me to delete her even though she’s gone.