October 9, 2010



Aaah, Thanksgiving weekend.

I'm not sure the weather could be any nicer, to be honest. We started the day by attending the neighbourhood farmer's market, and got the good news that it's been approved to be a weekly event as of next spring.

I already think my neighbourhood is awesome, but it was a real vote of confidence to hear that I'll have access to fresh, local food within a five minute walk of my house.

Then we walked downtown to buy my BH some new clothes. We snaked around the canal, took the footbridge, and soaked in the colours. I made the mistake of walking into American Apparel once we hit the Rideau Centre. I used to love their plain cotton clothes, but it just looks like hell in there now. I get twitchy just thinking about it. Spandex lace... thong leotards... NASTY. May bankruptcy come swiftly, and may something better replace them.

Then it was off for a walk with the dogs, and we met up with a mastiff puppy along the way. Are you familiar with mastiffs? This puppy was already double Morty's size, and she's going to quadruple that pretty fast. They had a great time wrestling each other while Frida hung out between my ankles.

Now we're cleaning the house and feeling pretty accomplished about the day.

Last night's gig was... Interesting. The highlight was when I met a guy who had driven up from Montreal to see my set. Really, he just watched my set, bought a CD, and drove back home to Montreal. I was speechless! As for the night in general, I'm not sure my songs were a great match with the other people on the bill. Our crowds were pretty different too. Not a loss, but not a comfortable fit either. I guess it reinforced my new method of being picky about gigs - I don't want to come off as a snot, but I also want the best show possible instead of a flop.

All this to say that the Raw Sugar gig at the end of the month is going to be super fun. :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Nat said...

I was speaking to someone who said she'd seen you play at the Stewart McLean gig way back. Said you were wonderful! (Unprompted.)

(Really you don't want to get me stared on American Apparel.)

Milan said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you.