October 17, 2010

Perfect Weekend


So many good things have happened this weekend. It makes Morty's enthusiastic and repetitive puking a little more bearable.

1. I had dinner with my old roommates. Holy shit, I love them all. There have been marriages, homes bought and babies made since our time together, but we are all very much the same. It was a delightful evening. I also got to blow bubbles on the tummy of a chubby newborn. AMAZING. He smelled like milk.

2. The Vinyl Cafe replayed the broadcast from when I was their musical guest. I didn't know it was happening this weekend, so it was a wonderful surprise. I was tipped off by sudden CD sales off my site. Even better.

3. I wrote a new song. It was hard to write - unusually hard. It's about the death of my friend this past spring. His death was still haunting me a bit, and the song pretty much charged out of me. I can't decide if I should play it live or not, because it makes me cry. That could get awkward on stage, but it could also be a nice song to play if I can keep it together.

4. I got to catch up with Shawna, one of my very favourite people, and also the gal I'm sharing the stage with this coming Friday at Raw Sugar. She was very calm and collected while Morty wretched up a day's worth of meals onto her feet. Thank you, Shawna.

5. My old guitar teacher and I had lunch. He wanted to pick my brain about recording, which was just weird, because, y'know... He's my teacher. Don't teachers know everything? But seriously, he's lovely and I think I want to start lessons again.

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, but I've got a kitchen to clean and a puppy to console. What a perfect fall weekend.


Shawna said...

I believe I recoiled in horror and swore never to have babies, while you cleaned up puke nonchalantly, not only like a pro, but like a hot pro.

Finola said...

You were on the Vinyl Cafe??
Soooo cool!
I must get out to one of your shows sometime!

Pauline said...

See you tonight at Raw Sugar! :)