October 12, 2010

Epic Pie


Yeah, my BH made this. No biggie.

Just kidding. It's a biggie. This pie is EPIC. Look at it! Is there anything hotter than a guy who makes mind-blowing pastry in his spare time? No.

In related news, I'm pretty sure I gained more weight over the weekend. Thanksgiving was GOOD. Especially the meal we had with my BH's folks. Spicy curry and sky high apple pie, yes indeed. Who needs a turkey when you've got Indian in-laws?

It's really quite chilly outside. I've programmed our thermostat, and not a minute too soon. It's supposed to go down to -1 tonight. The dogs are super snuggly with each other. Body heat will do that... Not to mention bulldog love.

The next two weeks are being filled with gig prep. It's nice to have a fun show to work up to... Although I'm stuck about adding new songs to my set. I can't decide on a cover, and I can't decide on a new song. I'd better get picking.

My BH and I finally saw the new Alice in Wonderland movie last night. Well, I watched it while my BH and both dogs snored through it. Anyway, I thought it was a kick ass film. Helena Bonham Carter could not have been better suited to her role as the Red Queen. I think I'll watch it again tomorrow.

Hope you all had a filling weekend!


Pauline said...

That is one big pie! Pastry making ability is certainly a quality that I think most women would like in a guy! ;)

Nat said...

I made a cheesecake, which I thought was pretty epic until I saw the pie. yes, sex appeal is all about growing things and making things grow. ;-)