October 24, 2010

Job Job Job

Sorry team... I sorta dropped off there, hey?

But there's good news. Lots of great things have happened since we last spoke.

My BH got a job. A real, using-his-fancy-degree job. Do you know what this means?? It means the income we've been sharing for the past many years will be less strained.


I also played at Raw Sugar to a sold out crowd with my dear friend Shawna. There were new songs, good connections and happy people.

What else?

Oh, I forget the rest. I'm at home drinking wine and roasting pumpkin. All I want to focus on is dinner and that lovely bottle of booze on the counter.

Hope you are all well! More sober blogging to come!


Pauline said...

Yay! Congrats to BH! And great show the other night! (I took some pics if you want to see. I hope you like them!:))