April 12, 2010



Dudes, I'm stressed out.

My BH accidentally dropped our external hard drive. The one with ALL our photos. The one that we use to keep them safe. Apparently only 60% of the contents made it through.


We're fostering the world's cutest French bulldog. We were hoping she'd make a great buddy for Morty, but they aren't really getting along. Actually, they don't mind each other, but she doesn't seem to know how to play. All Morty ever wants to do is play. So now Morty is miserable. And she's more dominant than he is, so she keeps bossing him around. He thinks he's being replaced.

I hate seeing Morty so sad.

But I don't want to give up on this doggie, since it can take quite a while for dogs to figure each other out.

I want them to be friends.

It's bumming me out.

Then there's the house stuff, which is crazy interesting but FUCK there is so much to do and so much money to spend. I don't have that much money.

(And I'm about to lose $700 of it to have the hard drive info recovered)

Then? My BH and I got lost in the middle of the countryside on a back road in a rental car and the gas light came on. I nearly had a nervous breakdown as we were trying to find our way out of there without having the car die in a ditch. We barely made it.

And? My house is a mess, but no matter how much we clean, it stays messy.

And? Because my landlord walled up our back door and put a duct in the hallway, we are no longer able to get our couch out of the apartment. Sounds like a joke, right? It's not. We're going to have to leave that thing in the apartment when we move.

AND? My dog is sad.

Sorry. I'm a big ball of venty stress right now.

Times like this, I wish I had my own trampoline. I could just jump the tension away.


Finola said...

I was just wondering if the back door wall is a fire hazard? Could you make your landlord remove it?

Nat said...

Oh god, I'd be pissed not being able to get the couch out. Is he going to compensate you for that?

I hate to hear that Morty is sad. Makes me sad too...

Shawna said...


Milan said...

"The one with ALL our photos. The one that we use to keep them safe."

I am sorry to nag, but photos on a single hard drive aren't being kept safe. They are being left in peril.

Hard drives fail constantly. If you want peace of mind, you need at least three drives, with one kept up-to-date and off-site.

Stella said...

Finola: I think I'd rather leave him the inconvenience of a giant couch.... But you're probably right.

Nat: He doesn't compensate us for anything! Booo.

Shawna: Mutual.

Milan: Because you are my friend, I will not tell you to eat a bowl of dicks. If you were not my friend, I might say something like that.

meanie said...

this is going to sound silly but i was losing my shit with all the paper clutter around the house last month. then, i bought a binder. created 6 sections to meet my needs, and each piece of paper goes into its little section. it has been a godsend for my mental health. at the end of the week i go through the binder and address the things that need to be addressed, or if my husband asks "hey where is that coupon for such and such" i point to The Binder.

might help with all your house plans???

Amanda said...

sorry things are so stressful. nothing particularly constructive to say....i hope things get better. writing the blog entry hopefully helped ease the tension a bit.