April 26, 2010

Bulldogs, I love you (part 2)


Frieda is doing well.

Sometimes she falls asleep on Morty's balls.

Sometimes Morty grooms her for hours.

She's also learning to play, bit by bit.

Bulldogs. Is there anything better?


Pauline said...

Those are some awesome pictures! When are we going to get together for a play date darnit?? :)

Milan said...

Decidedly amusing beasts!

Mud Mama said...

OH MY GAWD They are so adorable! my huskies once ran off in tandem down the train tracks in Chelsea - their lead clotheslining every skier they came upon. They passed a dozen dogs on the way and only stopped when they arrived at the bulldog's house 3 km up the way. They loved him!

Nat said...

I love your bulldogs too... I am thinking about getting one. I think. Maybe.