April 16, 2010

Better, Better


Guess what happened, internet? The dogs don't completely detest each other anymore!


I KNOW. The cute is hard to manage. Maybe this means we can keep her.

Otherwise, things are still stressful, but I'm managing. We're trying to book our closing visit for the house, which is proving to be more dramatic than I expected. We're also designing a closet for our bedroom, shopping for flooring, job hunting for my BH, training the wee doggie, packing, purging extra furniture.... It's enough to make my hands shake.

I expect it will be all worth it when we have a wicked house to live in, hey?

In case any of you are curious, we're going with fairly dark wood floors. They are engineered wood, which means a layer of real hardwood on top, with a plywood base that clicks together like a puzzle piece. It's pretty eco-friendly (uses a lot of recycled wood) and there's a local supplier who will make it to order. Another benefit is that we can install it ourselves, since it requires no nails or glue. Just brains. We're going with a dark grey maple. It's going to be sexy, as much as a floor can be sexy.

In music news, I'm playing a gig with this guy in a few weeks. He's pretty famous in the folk world. I don't know why they asked me to play, but I know a great opportunity when I see one.


Nat said...

Dude, I'm not into folk music much and I know who he is... well deserved I think.

When is it? Where? How much?

EK said...

Hardwood floors are very sexy. Agreed.

When were is your gig? I am so excited to be in town to see your shows!

Pauline said...

Awwww..so cute! I hope the love continues! I also want to know when and where your next gig will be! :)